Blue House

Blue House | watercolor on grey background | 5″ by 6″ | NFS

February Snow

Grey clouds. Icicles on the trees. White streets  dotted with colors. Cars muffled by an airy,  frozen quilt. At the first snow I become a tourist in my own town.

As I walk through my neighborhood, I start thinking about winter gardens. For sparkling textures and winter color, I look for ideas at the web site of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  Of course, my children always wanted to lure rabbits to our back yard. That’s possible with advice from this article called Inviting Wildlife into Your Garden by Claire Hagen Dole.


Reading. Writing. Painting. Creating. Tending the garden. Snooping through books at the library. Looking for woodpeckers and Virginia bluebells. Walking the dog along the river.

I have worked as a messenger, a maid, a server in a tea room, a teacher, a writer, an illustrator and a registered architect. Now I lead workshops for children and teens. Together we create drawings, paintings, books, 3D constructions, and inventions of all kinds while exploring our city and the wider world!